Drumcircle – Groove Connects

Participants come together in a room full of drums and percussion instruments.

During free improvisation, alternating with well structured musical interventions, they communicate and cooperate in an unforgettable, groovy experience.

Already a 10 minute long keynote can change processes and create new dynamics.

The drumcircle is an interactive event and transforms distant and passive listeners into involved and co-creating participants, who will be able to open their hearts and get into closer contact with their deeper being.

They perceive their body, breath and emotions and speak, reconnect with their authentic expression, and will learn to overrule brain decisions and speak and act not just “from their head” anymore.

They get in contact with their inner child, authentic self and creative parts and learn new ways of communicating.

They meet on deeper and more honest levels, small talk and polite phrases change into enriching and true exchange, and into ways of communication that create more solidarity.

The rhythmic processes that are created in such group expriences generate a powerful meter, a kind of team bio-feedback. Making Music together becomes a diagnostic instrument for your team to assess its strengts, weaknesses, group dynamics, modes of working together and roles within the group.

Apart from the striking experiences the drumcircles themselves create, our facilitation and personal reflections during (and after) sessions will ensure clear learning results that all participants will be able to transfer easily into their every day working environment.


Drumcircle programs are successfully used in: