SAP Drumcircle as training tool with the management team of the “Global Support Center Austria” from SAP on 4.11.2006

Horst Schubert, Leader: 10 of 10 points for Karin Mitterbauer in all categories ! Equipment, preparation, entrance, leading through the day until to the result… we could support our team process very well with rhythm and groove, and you have led and conducted us very well. For us as a team the time and pacing have been optimal. I am full of appreciation, and would recommend you any time to any other inquiry. Of course I would add, that this method is no  „miracle pill“ that always heals by being consumed alone. If the result of the team analysis shows, that the group is ready for harmony and common groove, meaning that basic trust and mutual respect is provided, than a day with rhythmic interventions is one of the best purposeful interventions. Moreover this day was full of huan warmth. It was not only  an „incentive“ – although work may be joyful too!