The Drumcircle in your training or event will

  • energize your team in a groovy, thriving experience
  • help to identify each person with its team
  • create team spirit by recognising the inter-dependency among all team members
  • break the ice to help new team constellations to form relationships fast
  • teach team building in a new, unique way
  • stimulate creative thought processes
  • bring joy, fun and relaxation into the team
  • help people rediscover and explore the deep relationship with rhythm that permeates every aspect of life
  • promote cooperation versus competition
  • encourage clear communication
  • develop listening and expressing skills
  • inspire individual and team involvement
  • define common ground between participants
  • build trust among the participants
  • activate playful stress reduction
  • integrate right and left brain hemisphere
  • enable more brain potential for any work- learn-and decision-processes
  • create a low risk environment to experiment with new behaviors and encourage self-responsibility and accountability
  • highten awareness for body language
  • improve body language
  • provide chaos as inspiration for new solutions
  • help to embody and understand the corporate vision
  • offer groovy, creative, joyful, extraordinary (evening) programs and keynotes for any event



Drumcircle programs are successfully used in corporate team building trainings:

– corporate team building-trainings:

Effective learning can happen within an Drumcircle concerning two of the most challenging situations in a team:  change and interpersonal conflicts:


During a Drumcircle program you will experience all the phases that characterize the processes of change in organizations and teams:

  • insecurity, resistance, curiosity, excitement
  • courage, feeling your own limits and stepping over them
  • handling chaos, relaxing and experimenting with it
  • realizing that there are others in the same situation,
  • perceiving, approaching, listening, relating, inspiring each other, directing the focus on the advantages of the team
  • finding your own place, your own way within a new and complex situation
  • consolidation, stabilization, new order arises, groove begins to grow
  • diving in, letting go, trust, enjoying, play, harvest
  • embody the new resources to move on to the next challenge

The team will go on in a new groove.



Sometimes conflict resolution can sound like rushing to fix something negative. In fact, the ability to deal with differences constructively can lead to higher levels of creativity and innovation and so create enormous benefits for the individuals involved and the organizations that they represent. In addition, the ability to facilitate such a process for others can be a priceless business skill. » Dan Norenberg,

One of the greatest benefits of a Drumcircle program is to get immediate feedback about which ways of communication-inputs support, and which ones disturb the groove. The drumcircle offers the possibility to become aware of your habitual strategies and your behavior patterns. Our skilled facilitation and active reflections ensure a solid transfer of key learning into the participants‘ work place.



Is the energy you give the energy you get back?” – “Do the drummers make the dancers dance, or do the dancers make the drummers drum ? Yes! » Arthur Hull,
…the team pulse is a living, breathing beat, set by the relationship of the rhythmical alchemy created by everybody participating. This organic beat varies with the energy and emotional dynamics of the circle, and can only be facilitated and not directed, not forced or imposed. » Arthur Hull,

Effective and successful leaders need to:

  • be clear about their role and responsibilities
  • provide a consistent message to their group members
  • adapt their communication and decision-making styles with others
  • develop action steps to increase employee’s trust
  • lead their group through the stages of team development
  • empower others to act
  • recognize and celebrate contributions (Dan Norenberg,
  • balance their “energy bank account”
  • have clear and conscious body language
  • present themselves with full authenticity

In clear structured leading tasks while making music, the drumcircle as an analog learning field provides a lot of room and liberty for experimenting with new strategies around all the above named tasks of a leader.

Leaders are confronted with basic fears, that can be barriers to their musical enjoyment and their professional success: fear of performance, fear of losing the beat, fear of being put on the spot, fear of looking stupid. » Christine Stevens, The art and heart of Drumcircle

The drumcircle (= the groove-result) will give immediate feedback and help to improve your success. “Do the drummers make the dancers dance, or do the dancers make the drummers drum ? Yes! » Arthur Hull,


…entrainment happens, for example, when a tall person and a short person walk down the street together. Both of them unconsciously adjust their stride to accommodate the other so they can walk together at the same pace and continue their conversation… Creating a successful group entrainment is less about a person’s rhythmical sensibility, and more about their willingness to carry dialogue, communicate, and collaborate musically with the other players. In other words, to get to entrainment you want to play with your head up, and your eyes, ears and heart open. » Arthur Hull,
Cooperation within a Drumcircle programm requires non-verbal, body language and intuitive communication skills. These are also constantly required in intercultural communication, where the frequent us-versus-them type of thinking can dissolve in favour of diversity (of instruments, musical parts etc). This open-minded thinking and communication will become a resource for a lively, colourful and exciting common groove.

You will learn to communicate effectively with people who think differently and bridge differences that are preventing effective cooperation and accept differences that don’t matter. » Dan Norenberg,

  1. On request the program also offers background information about the “foreign“ culture of your business-partner in a lively, experience-based way of learning.
  2. Meeting the other culture while playing a simple piece of their music, singing one of their songs, moving with one of their folk dances, listening to their CDs, or even meditate on one of their prayers offers a deeper understanding and improves relationship.
  3. We provide a variety of authentic instruments, audio- video- and photo-material and ethnological knowledge.



Drumcircle is a right-brained method in a left-brained world. » Arthur Hull,

A Drumcircle program can help people to use intuition to increase effectiveness in business and sales transactions.

Organizational effectiveness lies in a blend of clear-headed logic and powerful intuition. » Henry Mintzberg

Do you sometimes feel overloaded by information, overwhelmed by the rate of change and the complexity of your organization? A substantial number of successful business executives openly admit to relying on their intuition to give them the edge to be able to react instantly, see the “big picture”, and be innovative. Intuition in sales and management means the ability to have a feel for customers, employees, market changes and emerging trends, and the ability to think strategically. Creative leadership means the ability to think “out of the box” and see situations from different perspectives. Both creativity and intuition are perceptive skills that can be developed.

We support you with offering the experimental field of a Drumcircle program (as a totally new setting for most people), where new strategies are required. This fact invites the right brain hemisphere to work more intensive, and to integrate better with the rest of the brain potential. Creative and intuitive thoughts and insights appear and transform rhythm into groove.

You will

  • become aware of the subtle signals sent by employees and customers.
  • use creative techniques for preparing, gathering information (before, during, after), and executing presentations.
  • decode that “gut feeling”, “hunch” and other body/somatic signals.
  • use intuitive decision-making techniques to resolve work-related problems, improve relationships, and create innovative solutions


TRAININGS TO SUPPORT FEMALE (leadership) qualities into the business world

Women who work in business, especially in leading positions, often (have to) suppress their female qualities to be able to work in this male – dominated field. They try to become tough and copy male ways of communicating, thinking, behaving, and working. Therewith their team, company, colleagues, employees, customers etc lose female communication skills/patterns, the more holistic, right brain dominated, body-connected, intuitive, emotional ones.

Drumcircle programs empower and support women to stick to their explicit female ways of being to speak up, of improving their female self-confidence and thereby in the end increasing the amount of female leaders in the world of business.

One female participant in a drumcircle facilitated by Arthur Hull shared the following feedback:

I was taught that women were to be seen and not heard so it was hard for me to hit the drum and make noise, but by the end of the program, I didn’t want to stop. »


 You can use a rhythmically-based event in the middle of a day full of highly-cognitive meetings, so the participants can get out of their chairs, move around a little, and take a mind break. » Arthur Hull

Rhythm-based events in a conference or meeting environment are energizing interactive processes and change passive listeners into involved participants.

Drumcircle programms (nur mit einem m)are a great option for opening (kick-off) – and closing ceremonies. They can set the tone for the whole weekend, get people involved, and create an atmosphere of fun. Energy, enthusiasm and passion are to be felt and become certainly magnetic.




All the above named benefits of Drumcircle program can be experienced in large groups up to 5000 people and are especially recommended for


  • teams, that normally don’t meet each other in person, but have to work together (international, virtual…teams)
  • big companies who want to offer their employees to share an intensive experience together, discovering the diversity of their different positions in the company as a great resource for their great common groove.
  • companies who need to improve corporate identity. Everybody who experiences him/herself as a constitutive part of such a big, groovy entity will be deeply impressed and will never forget this feeling!