Isabella Klien, holistic organizational consultant and Social

“Karin has moved our bodies and hearts with her rhythmical interventions. I admire how professionally, spontaneously and easy she responded to our wishes and needs. I still see the excited faces of my colleagues and feel the groove inside myself. How enriching it was for our meeting – anytime again please.“

Joseph Jaworski, Founder of the American Leadership Forum,,
“I had the privilege of witnessing Karin’s “Art of Leadership“ at the conclusion of a workshop our firm led for 250 businesses, government and community leaders. Her process was spontaneous, inspirational and served to underscore the message of the entire workshop. It was a perfect close to the day. Thank you again for your perfect contribution.“

Birgit Rocholl, Economist, Organizational Development and Coaching
“My personal highlight of this mentoring was Karin Mitterbauer with her music, her speed and ease, how she whirled around and energized  my brain hemispheres and brought joy to my heart.Wonderful! What a treasure. Grateful for the space to share, learn, laugh and more!“

[Susanne F. Gopalan, Trainer, Consultant and Coach, Limes Dialog,
“Karin is a master in art solution. She opens a creativ space in a way that everybody can use it in its own way. Thank you for the wise lessons with you.“

Marc Backs, Consultation for Mindful Organization, Berlin
“So much vitality, power, leadership…I burst with joy…“

Horst Schubert, Leader “Global Support Centers Austria” from SAP
“10 of 10 points for Karin Mitterbauer in all categories ! Equipment, preparation, entrance, leading through the day all the way to the result … we  were able to support our team process very well with rhythm and groove, and you have led and conducted us very well. For us as a team the time and pacing have been optimal. I am full of appreciation, and would recommend you any time to any other inquiry. Of course I would add, that this method is no “miracle pill“ that always heals. If the result of the team analysis shows, that the group is ready for harmony and common groove, meaning that basic trust and mutual respect is provided, then a day with rhythmic interventions is one of the best , most purposeful interventions. Moreover, this day was full of human warmth.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart – I am impressed and also touched by the great freedom, authenticity and grace – out of which you give and are. Your are professional and I know, that I could ask you any time in any setting to awaken body and soul of the participants, so that they can even be more present and whole in every meeting, workshop or conference. Thank you for this enrichment!“